Failure and not trying

Today, I am starting a blog. Please note: I am not a blogger. I never wanted to be a blogger. I just need to get away from the devil that is Facebook – and I need to write more. So this is how I will do it. Every day, after my daughter goes to bed, I will write about my journey. OH! By the way, I’m starting a journey – and it isn’t a journey about blogging. BLAH to blogging! ( No offense to you bloggers out there – but… it’s just not for me. Not yet. Maybe one day it will be, but… no.) My journey is about acting on my dreams while I still have the chance – instead of failing to do so and, ultimately failing.

So what are my dreams?

I have three big ones, actually. I want to write and illustrate wonderful books for children – and for adults. I want to be a foster parent. I want to build an eco-home and live sustainably with chickens and goats and bees.

This is my beginning – a new beginning after a spectacular disaster (something to do with a sinful husband in a far away land) – and I know now that it is starting in a perfect place – a sleepy little town with all the comforts of home, a young lady with a restless heart and a yearning for more, a gloomy world where people play for keeps. What a journey it will be – but the story has to start. I have to try.

I am now a participant in Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo – Picture Book Idea Month to you outsiders. The aim is to come up with an idea for a picture book for every day of the month. I will complete this. I have no reason not to. BUT I also plan to include a sketch of a character for each book. This will be fun. And I have to succeed. Because without my dreams, what am I?

Peace Out – Restlessness in! go Go GO!


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